Reconstruction of Mary Kelly’s Crime Scene photo

This video on Youtube features some fantastic 3D reconstructions depicting Jack the Ripper’s crime scenes.

One scene, in particular, that caught my eye was the scene/photo we call MJK2 – the photo of Mary Kelly in situ in No13 Miller’s court.

A still from the video shows just how accurate the makers got to the original photo:

And when given a vintage/aged treatment and comparing the original side by side you can really begin to appreciate what a good job the video creators did.

Latest Miller’s Court 3D

Here is the latest attempt at 13 Miller’s Court. It’s a Sketchfab hosted model so you can view it straight from your browser which is good. Stick it in full screen OR better yet go out and buy some 700 quid VR goggles (or £10 Google cardboard) and you can use VR to stand in the room and have a look around. it’s a great experience (perhaps ‘great’ is not the word to use to describe such a real life horror but the experience is very immersive).



And below the whole court:


Feedback appreciated.


JtR3D 2023