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News (17th July 2017)

Sorting out old posts and adding some new things that I’ve been working on.

I’ve deleted most of the old scenes because the WebPlayer scripts used to render them have depreciated. The NEW system is WebGL and I will update the old scenes and upload them in WebGL in the coming weeks. The only WebGL scene available at the moment is Buck’s Row 


Reconstruction of Mary Kelly’s Crime Scene photo

This video on Youtube features some fantastic 3D reconstructions depicting Jack the Ripper’s crime scenes. One scene, in particular, that caught my eye was the scene/photo we call MJK2 – the photo of Mary Kelly in situ in No13 Miller’s court. A still from the video shows just how accurate the makers got to the original …

Comments OFF

Just a heads-up to let readers know that I’ve switched off comments site-wide because of the huge influx of pathetic spam this blog gets on a daily basis. None of it reaches the blog, it’s simply held for review until I get the chance to trash it. But can’t be bothered to trash the crap any …