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News (17th July 2017)

Sorting out old posts and adding some new things that I’ve been working on.

I’ve deleted most of the old scenes because the WebPlayer scripts used to render them have depreciated. The NEW system is WebGL and I will update the old scenes and upload them in WebGL in the coming weeks. The only WebGL scene available at the moment is Buck’s Row 


Mitre Square WebGL

This is the link for the latest Mitre Square scene walk-thru. This model (the WebGL version) keeps you grounded to the scene and stops you walking through buildings, unlike the Sketchfab Model. The Sketchfab model is provided if you can’t access the WebGL (browser) version. Also, you can use the Sketchfab model to walk the scene …

Ripper Street – Miller’s Court

Miller’s Court was featured in the very last episode of the FINAL series of Ripper Street (2016). The set was not authentic to the original location by any stretch of the imagination but I don’t think they were aiming for visual accuracy. Warning of a couple of graphic images of Mary Kelly below.