Number 13 (MJK1) photo expanded using AI!

With the help of AI, it is now possible to expand the cropped limits of an original photo and artificially create more of the image beyond the frame. It’s called ‘Outpainting’ and here as an example is the photo taken of number 13 Miller’s court.

Here’s the original:

And here is the AI version (outpainting) with the original in composite:

Here is the AI version:

Latest Miller’s Court 3D

Here is the latest attempt at 13 Miller’s Court. It’s a Sketchfab¬†hosted model so you can view it straight from your browser which is good. Stick it in full screen OR better yet go out and buy some 700 quid VR goggles (or ¬£10 Google cardboard) and you can use VR to stand in the room and have a look around. it’s a great experience (perhaps ‘great’ is not the word to use to describe such a real life horror but the experience is very immersive).



And below the whole court:


Feedback appreciated.


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