No.13 Plans to 3D

Out of curiosity, I decided to turn this plan created by sgh over on Casebook into a 3D visualization and to render the images that the plan suggests.

Here are the plans/elevations:

And here are the 3D reconstructions:

So the 3D reconstruction is an exact creation using the plans measured in millimetres. Obviously, the plan is created with an element of guesswork because all we all have to go on are the two images taken inside number 13. So allowances have to be given for this and for measurements allowing for a margin for error. The plan is created on square grids with the bed and table and even the walls of the room presented as exact parallel and vertical lines. In reality, the bed, table partition wall etc will have been at various different angles so allowances need to be given for this also.

After I created the 3D of the plan, I placed a mannequin on the bed in the position that Mary was on the mattress. I place her head in the area depicted in the plan. The mannequin is an exact position depiction of Mary including her finger and toe positions but includes no depiction of the mutilations inflicted.

I rendered the two images that are the camera positions for MJK1 & MJK3 (MJK1 = The famous photo of Mary in situ taken from the larger window) (MJK3 = The photo taken from the partition wall in the opposite direction)

Here are the results with a side by side comparison.

MKJ1 and result image pretty much spot on.

Doorknob in the right place in both images.

A sliver of light in the right place between ‘curtains’ or shutters.

Table height correct

Mary in petty much the right position

‘Right knee’ close to the camera

Left knee absent

I’m not sure if there were curtains on that small window. I know there was a coat hanging over the broken panes. I have a few misgivings about the plan, the measurements and the perspective, but the resultant images are thought-provoking. There are suggestions that to get the photo known as MJK3 the bed and table would have to have been moved and this might have been the case. But this plan and the 3D renders & resultant images demonstrate that it might have been possible to get MKJ3 without moving things. Although, Mary’s left leg/knee is a bone of contention!


The plan was created 11 years ago but most of the information in it holds true and this experiment will perhaps provide more debate and opinion.





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