Mitre Square VR Project

Some rough and ready basic screenshots of the work done so far on Mitre Square VR.

This first scene (yes, I know it’s number 4 in the canonical series but I started with this one for no real reason!) has been worked on for about a month so far and is 70% complete (as of Oct 3 2019).

This experience will be part of a ‘canonical 5’ set of VR scenes that will together form a Virtual Whitechapel tour called ‘Whitechapel Virtual Recreations’ the intention is to create a virtual museum/memorial of the canonical 5 victims along with other scenes and locations associated with the 1888 Whitechapel murder investigation. It will be available for desktop users and those with full VR setups and will be available online at Sansar


These experiences will not feature gore or gratuitous stuff. They will instead be focused on accurately scaled reproductions of the real sites (as best as I can manage) while ensuring respect and perhaps a memorial to the murdered women. They might be useful, also, to researchers which is why I’m attempting to make these scenes based off scaled maps, images and other helpful media.

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