Dutfield’s Yard on Sketchfab

This is an untextured 3D model of Berner Street and Dutfield’s Yard which can be viewed in your browser on Sketchfab. If you have VR goggles or a smartphone with VR viewer such as Google Cardboard, you can select the VR mode and walk around the yard in virtual reality.

This model is a very accurate representation of the three known photographs of Berner Street and Dutfield’s yard – those being the two images below and a third image known as Hutchingson’s Dutfield’s Yard (HDY). I can’t show HDY due to copyright restrictions but my 3D image (3rd image) below is a near perfect overlay and shows the apex of the goods dept peeking above the yard. In the sketchfab 3D you can click on ‘annotation 1’ to position the viewpoint in the exact location of the HDY photograph)

HDY 3D version

Sketchfab model – best view in full screen.

JtR3D 2023