Berner St & Dutfield’s Yard 3D

This post 3D maps Berner Street, Dutfield’s Yard and the Goods Dept in Commercial Road. The images below are the ones I’ve used to create the 3D versions:

Warehouse 1

Missing from the images above is Phillip Hutchinson’s ‘Dutfield’s Yard’ (HDY) photograph which cannot be shown due of copyright restrictions – but it can be seen in The Jack the Ripper Location Photographs book which shows a part of the photograph on the front cover:

I’ve recreated the Hutchinson Dutfield’s Yard photograph as an accurate 3D model and at the same time, I’ve modelled the area around Berner Street to include the large industrial building known as the Goods Dept in Gower Street (warehouse 1). This building forms the background to the images above and can clearly be seen in Berner 2 and the HDY photograph (not shown).

So I wanted to bring these photographs together into a single 3D model. I thought it would be interesting to show how it might be possible to recreate the photographs in 3D and to attempt to show an accurate 3D representation of Dutfield’s Yard built using the HDY photograph.

Results below:

The RED dot is the apex of the Goods Dept that is visible in the background of HDY. The BLUE dot is the location of Dutfield’s Yard & the location of the photographer of HDY. Click the images to enlarge them.




Aerial shot of Goods Dept Gower Street


Aerial shot of Goods Dept Gower Street – wider shot showing Dutfield’s Yard
Accurate 3D representation of HDY


Red dot (building apex) and blue dot (HDY photographer)
Accurate 3D representation of HDY photograph.

Once finished, the final 3D model of HDY will be viewable as a ‘walk-thru’. This will enable us to pretty much walk INTO the Hutchinson Dutfield’s Yard photograph and examine the cellar ventilation grate and the rest of the yard.

HDY Reverse Angle
HDY Reverse Angle

An animated .gif. The first frame of this .gif starts from the exact view of the HDY photograph. The body of Elizabeth Stride is in situ.

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