Berner St. 1909 Sun/Shadow Study

The 1909 photograph of Berner Street confuses some people when they first set eyes on it. I know it confused me. To me, and lots of other folk, that cartwheel looked to be attached to the wall of the taller building (the tall building being┬áThe International Workingmen’s Club).

However, in actual fact the wheel is fixed to the edge of the shorter building’s wall and overhangs the pavement below. Very odd position and one that would soon have the Health and Safety officer knocking at the door to Dutfield’s Yard.

Anyway, as an aid to better visualise the scene, I’ve created a quick 3D sun/shadow study which shows that the shadows from the cartwheel do indeed project onto the opposite wall at around 11:35 am on the morning of 7th April 1909.

Berner St Time Lapse
Berner St Time Lapse



This render now has Dutfield’s Yard gate in place and shows a more accurate shadow study:

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