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Just a heads-up to let readers know that I’ve switched off comments site-wide because of the huge influx of pathetic spam this blog gets on a daily basis. None of it reaches the blog, it’s simply held for review until I get the chance to trash it. But can’t be bothered to trash the crap any more so comments are now set to off.


Mitre Square WebGL

This is the link for the latest Mitre Square scene walk-thru.

This model (the WebGL version) keeps you grounded to the scene and stops you walking through buildings, unlike the Sketchfab Model.

The Sketchfab model is provided if you can’t access the WebGL (browser) version. Also, you can use the Sketchfab model to walk the scene in VR if you have a VR headset/setup.

Using the Sketchfab VR model means you will actually be standing and walking around Mitre Square as though you are there. It’s amazing!


Mitre Square – WebGL (browser based)

Mitre Square – Sketchfab & Virtual Reality