Anyone who has ever taken an interest in the crimes of  Jack the Ripper will have wondered what it must have been like to walk the streets and alleys during the time that has become known as the Autumn of Terror.  The crimes of Jack the Ripper took place 125 years ago and the places where his heinous crimes took place have vanished with the passing of time. A few roads, buildings and land-marks still exist and there are  tours that allow the interested sight-seer the chance to glimpse London as it was back in 1888. The myriad books on the subject go some way toward helping visualise the crime scenes and the few photographs taken during the investigation give us a chance to see for ourselves the horrors of living (and dying) in the dirty, impoverish and frankley hellish streets of Whitechapel.

But what was it like inside 13 Miller’s Court where Jack literally ripped his final victim apart? What did the back yard of Hanbury Street really look like? And what was it like walking thru Church Passage and entering Mitre Square on that dark night of the double event?

This project aims to help answer those questions. Using CGI we are going to recreate those infamous locations. We’re going to rebuild Whitechapel 1888. Only these recreations won’t just be pictures to look at, they will be complete 3D interactive environments that you can visit and explore through your computer’s internet browser.

JtR3D 2023